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The Laser Vac

Pre-Inked Die Inking System

The Laser Vac

An affordable alternative for inking laser engraved pre-inked dies! Rather than requiring a separate vacuum system for each ink color as some systems do, this system uses one vacuum for up to five ink colors!


Ink Containers

Individual stainless steel containers hold each unique ink color in the vacuum chamber. The chamber and ink containers are warmed together on the heating unit. Laser engraved dies are placed in stainless steel wire baskets, then placed in the inking containers. The vacuum pump is activated to impregnate the rubber pores with ink.

Excess ink is removed by use of the "vacuum die compress" unit. After using the wire baskets to remove the dies from the ink containers, the group of dies is placed on paper towels inside a 12x18", 4 mil plastic bag. An aluminum clamp bar seals the bag while a vacuum is created, evenly squeezing the excess ink from the dies. In just minutes the process is complete and the stamp dies are ready to be mounted.

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