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The Art Stamp Stamper

Stamped Indexes with Precision and Accuracy

The Art Stamp Stamper

Identify your stamp designs with perfectly “rubber stamped” images on the top of the wood block! This machine is designed to eliminate the tedious task of hand stamping wood mounts and the cost and frustration of labeling or “pad printing.”

An ordinary molded rubber stamp die is attached to the printing head of the machine with magnets and a steel “Printing Head Plate” using your usual self-adhesive foam cushion. A pneumatic cylinder moves an ink pad under the rubber die. Another pneumatic cylinder presses the rubber die onto the ink pad. Then the ink pad moves out of the way, and the rubber die is pressed on top of the wood mount.

The ink pad must have a metal base since magnets are used to hold it in position on the machine. You can use your favorite ink pad and attach one of our “stamp pad base plates,” or order ink pads with base plates from us. Our “Indexing Ink” does a great job on unfinished wood mounts, or use your preferred brand of ink. Order extra Printing Head Plates if you want to leave your rubber dies attached between stamping jobs. Otherwise, it is removed and the plate can be used for another image. A small air compressor is required to operate the machine. Maximum image size is 4x6”.

Step 1

The stamp mount is held in exact position with the spring loaded clip


Step 2

With the push of a button, the ink pad moves under the rubber die. The die makes contact with the pad.


Step 3

The inked stamp die is then pressed onto the stamp mount in prefect position and alignment and with exact pressure selected


Step 4

Consistanly beautiful stamped impressions on every mount!


The Art Stamp Stamper was designed and built to meet our own art stamp manufacturing requirements, and has been thoroughly tested and refined in our own stamp making operation. 1-year limited warranty.

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