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The Brother Stampcreator PRO

Introduction to Stampcreator

The Brother Stampcreator PRO

Whether it's for a new address, check endorsement, or a simple "FAXED" or "FRAGILE" message, when your customer needs a rubber stamp they will be looking for a convenient, reliable source. With the Stampcreator PRO you can offer the same high quality found in your current products and, for the ultimate in convenience, your customer's stamps can be made while they wait! Until now in-house stamp production required hours of training and thousands of dollars in equipment, but the new Stampcreator PRO produces stamps in just three simple steps and the equipment cost is under a thousand dollars!

Three Simple Steps to producing instant stamps with the Stampcreator PRO

Design the stamp on your pc using the included software. Choose from over 150 stamp templates or custom design a stamp using clip-art, signatures, logos, and even photographs.


Expose the stamp. The Stampcreator PRO connects to your computer allowing the user to print the stamp data just like printing a document. Then the user simply places the mount in the creation bay and closes the door.

Assemble the stamp. In a matter of seconds the stamp is assembled and internal inking process is initiated. In 10-15 minutes the stamp will be fully inked and ready to use.

Stampcreator Processing Unit

Stampcreator PRO Processing Unit complete with software, cables, promotional items and five stamps for only $899.        Note:  Stampcreator PRO is compatible with the following Operating Systems:

                             (Now compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems!)

The Complete Package

Add a stamp starter package to your processing unit and get everything you'll need to offer instant rubber stamp service.

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