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The Polymer Plus Stamp System

The Polymer Plus Exposure Unit

The Polymer Plus Exposure Unit

One little machine can do it all! Use your computer, laser printer, and our Polymer Plus Exposure Unit to establish a complete in-house stamp production area or to start a highly profitable business. The Polymer Plus Exposure Unit allows you to make regular stamps, Ideal Self-inking Stamps, metal frame self-inkers, and a variety of other stamping products.

All of the graphic capabilities of your computer system can be used to create stamps. Anything that can be laser-printed can be converted -- even signatures, emblems, logos, and halftones can be used!

The material cost to complete an average-size 4-line regular stamp is less than $1.00. Ideal 100 Self-inking Stamps have a material cost of about $4.00. Given the high retail price of these items, it is obvious that making them in-house can save a lot of money for your firm. Making photopolymer stamps for resale as a business enterprise can net a good income for any entrepreneur.

The Polymer Plus Exposure Unit is a compact machine, designed for table-top use. An entire stamp production system can be located on a desk or small workbench. Six high-output ultraviolet tubes create exceptional processing power. A batch of stamps can consist of just one or two or the batch can be 30 or 40, filling the maximum exposure area of 10" x 13". Processing time for a batch of stamps is about 15 minutes. The unit is also capable of exposing a variety of other ultraviolet-sensitive materials for industry.

The machine comes complete -- with all accessories needed to begin making stamps -- for $2275. You can select from a number of raw-material packages to tailor your stamp operation to meet your own specific needs. Supply packages usually cost between $200 and $400 in addition to the cost of the machine, depending on the quantity of materials that you wish to have to begin production.

An introductory brochure is available at no charge and a videotape showing the system in operation is available for $15. The cost of the videotape may be applied toward the purchase 5 price of a machine. Just click on the link below to request these items!

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