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Phase II Hot Stamping Machines

What is "Hot Stamping?"

You will recognize hot-stamped imprints as those elegant gold studio-names or -logos on the corner of fine photographs. With the Phase II Hot Stamping Units you can make those same imprints as well as make similar imprints on award ribbons, napkins, flat-sided pencils and pens, matchbooks, bookcovers, letterheads, business cards, photographic slide-mounts, plastic namebadges, and virtually any other flat surface other than metal or glass. Both of our manually operated units as well as our three pneumatic Phase II Hot Stamping Machines allow you to add a whole new dimension to your existing business. Optional accessories include a special fixture for holding flat-sided pencils or pens and matchbooks in addition to a general-purpose fixture that will allow for consistent placement of any item below the type or die.

Manual Model 303

Manual Model 301: The Basic Machine

The Basic Phase II Hot Stamping Unit has a maximum imprinting area of 3" x 6" with a typesetting area of up to 20 square inches using a Q.C. Slug. After each imprint the foil must be pulled by hand from left to right. This unit is ideally suited for small-quantity hot-stamping jobs.

Manual Model 303: The Deluxe Machine

The Deluxe Phase II Hot Stamping Unit has the same imprinting area as the Basic machine, but in addition it includes a built-in, fully adjustable electronic foil-advance mechanism that automatically pulls the foil after each imprint. Also, an electronic counter tells the operator how many imprints have been made since the counter was last reset. This versatile machine is suitable for just a few imprints at a time or several hundred per hour!

Pneumatic Model 305

The Pneumatic Machines

Utilizing a Phase II Pneumatic Hot Stamping Machine has two definite advantages when compared to using a manual unit. The first is consistency: Each and every imprint is made with exactly the same amount of downward pressure and dwell-time. Once the appropriate combination of pressure and dwell-time are determined, the operator can be assured that every imprint will be precisely the same as his or her previous imprints. The second advantage is speed: Hot-stamping operations can be completed as quickly as the operator can insert the item to be imprinted and press the activation buttons. These pneumatic machines can complete the job in half the time required for manual hot-stamping units.

Microprocessor-controlled circuitry is utilized throughout the Phase II Pneumatic Machines for temperature control, dwell-timing, and the foil-advance system. An electronic counter is standard and clearly displays the number of imprints completed. Electronic safety shut-down circuitry protects the operator from inadvertent activation of the pneumatic cylinder.

All three pneumatic models have a number of unique features, including lubrication-free cylinder and valves, air filter, adjustable air-flow control, air exhaust-mufflers for quiet operation, regulator with pressure gauges for incoming-line pressure and working pressure, and separate electric air-activation switch. The low volume of air consumption allows any unit to be operated with a small, inexpensive air compressor, which we can provide if you do not have one. All electric and pneumatic controls are arranged in a compact manner for easy use.

The General Purpose Fixture, included in our pneumatic machines, is a 90-degree-angle bracket that can be moved front to back or left to right for exact location of engravable plastic, business cards, photographs, napkins, letterheads, envelopes, and virtually any other plastic, paper, vinyl, wood, and leather item. Hexagon pencils and pens as well as matchbooks are held tightly in position with special holders available for these items.

Model 307 is available with a special rubber-stamp-handle imprinting-head that pivots to compensate for stamp handles that may not be completely flat. Use the Model 307 to imprint your own handles and for imprinting handles for all of your wholesale stamp-resellers!

A one-year limited warranty is included on all pneumatic machines.

Ribbon Printing Attachment

The Ribbon Printing Attachment

Now you can quickly and accurately print award ribbon fabric with our Manual Model 303 or our Pneumatic Model 305 Phase II Hot Stamping Machines. Imprint ribbons from 1/2 wide to 2 wide, with an imprint length up to 6. Table and motor guides provide accurate tracking of ribbon and foil. Precise length of pull is accomplished by rubber rollers and electronic time delay relay control. Depending on imprint length, it is possible to make 600 to 800 imprints per hour with the manual machine and 1,200 to 1,600 imprints per hour with the pneumatic version.

Add the Phase II Hot Stamping Ribbon Printing Attachment to either machine.

**New Equipment: Polymer Plus MB-100 allows you to bring hot stamping die production in-house
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